Restoration & Upgrading Works

Wakaf Sadaqa Jariah

We are upgrading our mosque and may you be rewarded for your generous donations.

With your generous donations we plan to build a new heritage gallery, new roof and classrooms for our Madrasah, upgrading wudhu areas and restrooms, new carpet at our i'tikaf area and also mosque repair works.

Our target is $3.5 Million for all the upgrading works, Inshallah with your generous help this goal can be achieved.

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Payable to Masjid Abdul Gafoor


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Mosque Restoration

A fundraising campaign launched in 1994 and headed by A. G. Mohamed Mustapha, chairman of the mosque management committee, raised S$2.5 million for a meticulous restoration of the unique mosque. About S$1.9 million was used to convert the associated shophouses into the Miftahul Ulum madrasah. Restoration work on the main prayer hall commenced in 2000.The work included strengthening the foundation of the building and converting the basement to support an air-conditioned prayer hall. Four minarets with mini-domes that had been part of the mosque’s original blueprints but had disappeared over time were reinstated at the four corners of the flat roof. The mosque was also given a new coat of green and yellow paint. Restoration works cost at least S$5.5 million. The mosque was officially reopened on 16 May 2003, and can now accommodate up to 4,000 worshippers.

In October 2003, Abdul Gaffoor Mosque received the Architectural Heritage Award from the Urban Redevelopment Authority in recognition of its innovative restoration and conservation works using a combination of traditional and modern architectural elements.